As part of her ongoing partnership with Ocado, Nigella Lawson has unveiled her latest recipe – a ‘So-Wrong-It’s Right Bread and Butter Pudding’.

With January blues lingering, Nigella’s take on this family-friendly classic brings to life the comfort and nostalgia the nation craves during dark winter nights. Nigella’s version aims to take households right back to the cosy comfort of childhood visits to granny’s, with a refreshingly simple recipe that’s soft, squidgy, and served straight away!

But despite her fuss-free approach, there is one unusual addition to the classic pud… Creamy, nostalgic and triangular in shape, the inclusion of Laughing Cow cheese takes the comfort factor to the next level.

new pudding from nigella

The iconic cheese brand, founded in France in 1921 – where it’s known as “La Vache Qui Rit” – has been popular in family households and lunchboxes for nearly a century, yet this may be its first appearance in a dessert. In fact, in a recent survey by Ocado, almost 9 in 10 customers (88%) said cheese did not belong in a bread and butter pudding.*

Undeterred by the doubters, Nigella is determined to win over the non-believers. In this latest recipe, she says the addition of Laughing Cow provides a delicious ‘cheesecakey softness’ in each melting mouthful

Alongside Laughing Cow cheese, the remaining ingredients are similarly basic and budget-friendly. This isn’t a bread and butter pudding formed on a base of buttery brioche, but instead, simple sliced white bread. But don’t let that put you off – the amalgamation of children’s cheese, everyday bread and other run-of-the-mill store cupboard staples results in a deliciously comforting, great-value treat.

When it comes to comfort food, further data from Ocado has shown increased demand for warming desserts in winter months**, with sales of bread and butter pudding rising by 30% in winter compared with summer. The data also suggests now is the peak time for sweet comfort food, as sales of bread and butter pudding increased by 29% in January and February last year, compared to the two months before.***

new pudding from nigella

Speaking of her latest recipe, Nigella said: “This recipe is a conflation of two nostalgic food memories of my childhood: Laughing Cow Cheese and Bread and Butter Pudding. It’s not sophisticated, it’s not elegant, but it delivers deep comfort on dark days, and is so much more delicious than the doubters among you would ever suspect – it’s called So-Wrong-it’s-Right Bread and Butter Pudding for a reason.

The thing is, when I was a child, being allowed a triangle or little cube of Laughing Cow was the greatest treat imaginable; and even now, so very many years later, a Laughing Cow sandwich made out of basic white-sliced is what I go for when I want instant comfort. It occurred to me some time ago that this could form the basis for a bread and butter pudding, and I’m happy to announce I was not wrong! Quite apart from the addition of the Laughing Cow, this is a take that ignores the rules (some of which I have issued myself over the years) and finer points of a proper, traditional B&B Pud but I regret nothing: meltingly soft under its sugar-crunchy top, this bread and butter pudding has a delicate cheesecake-y tang, and turns everyday ingredients into an unfussy and easily deliverable treat.”

Laura Harricks, Ocado Retail Chief Customer Officer added  “Looking at what our customers are buying and searching for, it’s clear that now is officially peak pudding season. Many of us are craving cosy dishes that feel comforting and familiar, and Nigella’s latest recipe for Ocado is the epitome of this – but of course with one of her iconic twists. Whilst the addition of cheese is a controversial one, over a third of our customers said they believe everything to be better with cheese – and I can’t say I disagree with that sentiment! With just a handful of staple ingredients, this bread and pudding is a simple yet elevated, low-cost recipe that’s perfect for a winter pick-me-up! 

For a double dose of nostalgia and comfort, check out the family-friendly recipe at

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