With meteorologists predicting the wettest summer in 100 years, it’s easy to feel our spirits dampen along with the weather. 

There are challenges a wet summer brings – the longing for sunshine, the struggle to stay motivated, and the ever-present cabin fever. 

However, giving your wellbeing the TLC it deserves is a key component to feeling happy and living a healthy lifestyle. It helps you to feel and express your emotions as well as making you feel better.

To help combat the miserable weather Trifonia Asmar, beauty and wellbeing expert at Cult Beauty shares the ultimate self-care tips that will uplift your spirits even on the rainiest of days. 

  1. Craft a summer night ritual

“Create a comforting bedtime routine that signals your body it’s time to unwind. Draw a warm bath scented with invigorating citrus essential oils like grapefruit, orange or lemon. Dim the lights and listen to calming nature sounds or guided meditations to lull you into a restful sleep

Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep each night, and consider using blackout curtains to create a sleep-conductive environment even on those brighter summer nights.” 

  1. Light up the inside with summer scented candles 

“Even if the rain keeps you indoors, you can create a calming and summery atmosphere. Light some scented candles infused with essential oils like citronella, bergamot or peppermint. The candles will help to uplift your mood and transport you to a peaceful summer oasis.” 

  1. Summer skin savvy 

“Combat the drying effects of being inside by keeping your skin hydrated from the inside out. Infuse your water with fresh fruits like cucumber or watermelon for a refreshing summer twist. 

Swap your usual moisturiser for a lightweight, oil-free formula that absorbs quickly. Apply a hydrating facial mist throughout the day for an extra dose of summer glow, without feeling greasy.” 

  1. Embrace the elements 

“Don’t let the rain stop you from getting your summer dose of fresh air and vibrant sights. Summer rain can be refreshing but the accompanying humidity can wreak havoc on your hairstyle. But don’t let the frizz steal your summer shine by opting for a sleek bun. Apply for a lightweight leave-in conditioner to damp the hair and a bristle brush to smooth strands back into a high or low bun.” 

  1. Sun safety rain or shine 

“A crucial summer self-care tip, even for rainy days. UV rays can penetrate through clouds so don’t forget to skin the sunscreen. Apple a lightweight, broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen to your face and body before heading outdoors. Look for a formula labelled “water-resistant” for added protection, especially if you’re expecting showers.” 

  1. Be kind to yourself 

“Let go of the picture perfect summer pressure. Rainy days are for cosy self care at home. Transform your bathroom with comforting candles, elevate your everything shower, and slip into some comfy PJs. Remember, self compassion is key. Treat yourself with kindness, embrace cosy moments indoors, and create personalised self care rituals that leave you feeling radiant. Self compassion allows you to adjust to your plans and embrace a Summer State of Mind.” 

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