Taking place this this year between 13th – 19th June, Men’s Health Week is an annual celebration which aims to increase awareness of male health on a global level.

Encouraging both men and boys to open up about their own health, both physical and mental, it is a time to shed light on the information, services and treatments that men can take advantage of in order to live a healthier, happier and longer life.

British men are, rightly, beginning to prioritise their self-care more and it has been shown that over 40% of generation Z men would love to be gifted a spa day*. However, 25% of them still feel that there is a lack in treatments offered specifically for male clients. That’s why, to set the record straight this Men’s Health Week, we’ve rounded up the top male-specific spa treatments across the country…

Men’s Health Week – Proverb Men’s Facial (£77 for 60 minutes) at The Spa at Breedon Priory (Derbyshire)

Perfectly positioned in the heart of the East Midlands, The Spa at Breedon Priory offers guests the ideal setting in which to relish in total pleasure and relaxation. Nestled in 24 acres of pure, calm countryside, the five-star spa offers Proverb Men’s Facial, aka 60 minutes of heaven. Using a 360 approach, the facial starts with a deep cleanse, into a natural exfoliation, followed by a gentle yet effective massage. Taking inspiration from sports nutrition and training, the facial uses essential omega fatty acids, antioxidants and powerful amino acids to both restore and fortify the skin. 

Men’s Health Week – Elemis High Performance Skin Energiser for Men Facial (£89 for 55 minutes) at Titanic Spa (Yorkshire)

Known for being the UK’s first ever eco spa, Yorkshire’s award-winning Titanic Spa is a place of total relaxation, one that also possesses a clear conscience. Recognising that it’s outdated to think that pampering is only for women, Titanic Spa understand that when men spa, they’ll usually want something different to women, be it something simpler, or more physically effective. Enter their male-specific treatment menu.

A facial is a great entry treatment for men and as men traditionally use fewer skincare products, they’ll see real results. Targeting tired and stressed skin, this hard-working facial is an anti-ageing antidote that maximises cell regeneration. As a multi-dynamic facial, the face massage sequence boosts circulation while the scalp and foot massage deeply relaxes muscles. This facial incorporates Elemis’ Pro Collagen Marine Cream which is formulated especially for men to hydrate, firm and improve the appearance of their skin.

Men’s Health Week – Muscle Melt Massage (£140 for 75 minutes) at The Spa at Carden (Cheshire)

If James Bond were to go on a spa day, this is where he’d go. With an award-winning spa garden which enjoys views over the countryside as well as an all-weather Bollinger bar, The Spa at Carden defines indulgence. For those who love golfing, there is a variety of Golf and Spa packages which include an overnight stay, access to two championship courses as well as the spa.

After a long day on the green, male guests can opt for the Muscle Melt Massage. Beginning with a signature foot ritual, this full-body, tailored pressure massage pinpoints problem areas and unravels underlying tension in the muscles. Guests will emerge from the experience feeling relieved of inner stress, with enhanced circulation and increased flexibility.

Men’s Health Week – The Hot Wave Massage (from £75 for 55 minutes) at Wave Garden Spa (Wales)

For guests looking for a blend of chill and thrill, Adventure Parc Snowdonia is not only home to nature inspired Wave Garden Spa, but also the UK’s first ever inland surfing lagoon. So, after a day tackling the man-made waves in a surfing lesson, men can head to the spa and treat those surf-battered muscles with the exclusive Hot Wave Massage. Using a signature blend hot melting balm to soothe the mind and body, this intense deep heat full body massage uses hot ceramic pods to promote a slumber state. Aka relaxation at its finest.

Men’s Health Week – Leg and foot energiser (£60 for 25 minutes) at Armathwaite Hall Hotel & Spa (Lake District)

Ideally positioned for the fell walking adventurer, Armathwaite Hall Hotel & Spa overlooks the majestic Bassenthwaite Lake. From walking or fishing, right through to canoeing or archery, guests can choose an activity that matches the pace of their trip. And then, when it’s time to unwind, male guests can enjoy a Men’s Afternoon Tea, followed by a well-deserved leg and foot energiser treatment. Enjoyable on its own, or added on to another treatment, the energiser provides instant relief to tired, overworked legs and feet, especially ones that have been pounding the peaks that morning! Beginning with skin brushing to eliminate excess fluids, the treatment also features a warm oil massage and invigorating foot rub.

Men’s Health Week – Hypnotic Tribal Sleep (£70 for 50 minutes) at Moddershall Oaks (Staffordshire)

As a luxury yet secluded escape, Moddershall Oaks is perfect for men who are still getting used to spa-ing. With limited guests, the estate has everything they need to ease themselves in, including the MADE wellness centre, which was created to educate and motivate its guests and inspire them to be the best version of themselves. After a session in the gym, men can treat themselves to the hypnotic tribal sleep treatment, a full body dreaming massage which incorporates a creamy balm blend of deep sleep essential oils to lower adrenaline and stress levels and in turn, aid a much deeper rest. Supported by soft and plumped pillows, men will be encouraged to lie in the embryo position to enhance muscular release and encourage optimum rest, for 50 blissful minutes.

Men’s Health Week – MEN Personalised Facial, Shoulder, Neck and Scalp Massage (£95 for 60 minutes) at the Spa at Bedford Lodge (Suffolk)

Retaining the charm of a country house, while offering the best in both modern comfort and luxury, The Spa at Bedford Lodge is nestled in the heart of Newmarket – a location which is known for its vast lavender fields, proven to help reduce anxiety and spread a sense of tranquillity across the entire estate! Thanks to the nearby fields, the spa harnesses natures best known relaxer, using natural lavender with its de-stressing and comforting properties. Meaning the spa menu has been designed to have a totally soothing effect on the mind, body and soul. Whatever it is their skin needs, men can opt for the facial, shoulder, neck and scalp massage which offers a deep cleanse. Completely personalised and tailored to each individual, this combined treatment is sure to leave men with a healthy glow and hydrated skin.

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