We may not think about it on a conscious level, but how our bedroom looks and feels can have a significant impact on our mood.

As a result, it’s important that the room where we lay our head down to get our much-needed rest is decorated with care to help us feel as happy and relaxed as possible.

To achieve this, you should consider every aspect of your bedroom décor – from its colour scheme to the textures and materials used and, of course, the lighting.

Of course, everyone’s ideal bedroom will be unique and personal, as each person has their own unique taste. But there are still plenty of helpful decorating tips you can use to help you create a beautiful, inspiring, and restful space where you can feel truly at home. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, so dedicating some time and money to making it as soothing and restorative as possible is a worthy investment.

Read on to discover how to create the bedroom of your dreams with these easy and transformational decorating techniques.

Choose The Right Hues

bedroom décor

As your bedroom’s main purpose is to provide a soothing haven where you can fall asleep with ease, it’s a good idea to decorate it with a calming colour scheme. Of course, the hues that you select will depend on your personal preference, but, in general, soft neutral or pastel colours are recommended, such as baby blue, lavender, and pale pink.

An all-white bedroom may be considered ideal by some. If this seems a little too clinical, you can always liven it up with some bright throws and cushions or a large rug with an eye-catching pattern. Alternatively, you may prefer dark, muted hues, such as forest green, navy blue, or a deep earthy brown. It’s entirely down to personal taste – as long as you find your chosen colours to be relaxing and conducive to a night of deep and restful sleep.

When it comes to creating the perfect bedroom, selecting the right bed is essential. Upholstered beds are an excellent choice for a luxurious look and feel in your sanctuary. They offer a range of upholstery options to complete your ideal space and come in classic designs along with new styles developed to meet modern tastes. Upholstered beds provide the utmost comfort and add a warm, inviting radiance to the room through their array of fabrics, colors, and textures. From elegant tufted velvet upholsteries to vivid patterned prints, upholstered beds guarantee you can create the bedroom of your dreams.

Treat Your Feet

Texture and appearance are particularly important in a bedroom. Ideally, everything from the carpet to the curtains to the bedding should be lustrous, luxurious, spotless, and soft. If your bedroom carpet is looking and feeling rather drab and worn, one of the easiest ways to make the space more inviting is to replace it with a new one. Designer Carpet have a range of bedroom carpets available in a diverse assortment of colours, designs, and materials, to cater to all tastes and styles of décor. Whether you are hoping to create a snowy-white minimalist feel in your bedroom, or something more charming, earthy and rustic, it shouldn’t be hard to find the ideal carpet to help you create the bedroom you have always fantasised about.

As well as your luxurious new carpet, you may also want to invest in a high-quality textured rug for your bedroom. Place it beside the bed, so you can dig your toes into its rich pile when you get up in the morning. On winter mornings, feeling something soft and lustrous beneath your feet will make getting up in the cold and gloom a lot more bearable.

Use Light To Your Advantage

Lighting can make a big difference to how a room looks and the atmosphere it creates. As bedroom lighting should help to create a warm, cosy, and sleep-inducing feel, it’s a good idea to opt for soft, intimate lighting – nothing too bright or stark. It’s also recommended that any lights you use in your bedroom be placed at eye level or even lower to help create a soothing and languorous feel that will ease you into slumber.

Rather than a ceiling fixture, consider only using lamps on your bedside tables and a couple of wall lights strategically placed. This way you can read in bed without straining your eyes. If you are a light sleeper, you may also wish to hang black-out blinds or curtains on your windows to prevent any natural light from coming in during the summer months, when it starts to get light at 4 am.

Take Inspiration From The Natural World

If you have a fondness for patterned fabrics and wallpapers, then you may find that using designs inspired by nature can help to create a more relaxing feel in your bedroom. For example, patterns of plants, flowers, birds and animals could have a soothing, stress-reducing effect, according to experts – perhaps because they can help you feel as if you are in a tranquil woodland dell or a wildflower meadow.

In fact, biophilic design is a growing trend, tapping into our innate need for the natural sights and sensations that our species evolved with. While we may live fundamentally modern lives, divorced from the natural world and augmented by a dizzying array of cutting-edge technology, our primal brains still yearn for foliage, natural light, and birdsong – and biophilic design helps us to incorporate these elements into our homes. So, whether you hang images of birds on your walls, opt for floral-patterned soft furnishings, or place a potted plant on every surface, including nature in your bedroom décor is a great way to soothe your primal instincts and help you feel more at home.

Introduce Some Soothing Scents

bedroom décor

As you will know if you have ever read Proust, scent plays a very important role, both in triggering memory and creating a particular mood. You can harness the power of fragrance in your bedroom to help you transform it into an even more restful, tranquil space using your favourite smells. Essential oils come in a wide array of delicious scents and can be used in your bedroom in a number of ways to fill the space with an evocative fragrance that encourages restful sleep and pleasant dreams.

For instance, you can add your favourite essential oils to a diffuser to fill the whole room with scent. Alternatively, you can dab a drop of oil onto the bulb of your bedside lamp or even onto your pillow. You can even create your own signature blend of oils to evoke a particular mood or season, add it to water in a spray bottle, and spray your curtains or the air in the room to fill it with those cherished fragrances. To encourage a deep and restful slumber, some recommended oils include lavender, sandalwood, and chamomile.

Add Meaningful Touches

bedroom décor

Lastly, to help you create the bedroom of your fantasies, you shouldn’t hesitate to add signature touches throughout the space that remind you of your deepest and most cherished delights. From images of loved ones to mementoes from your childhood, cherished ornaments handed down through the generations, and prints of your all-time favourite artworks – there are so many ways to adorn your bedroom with the things that you love.

Decorating your room with these meaningful elements will not only make the room truly your own, but will ensure that you feel right at home every time you walk through the door and will trigger fond memories and a cosy feel each morning when you wake up.

These personal touches are vital because our bedrooms are supposed to be our safest, most relaxing, and most personal space – a soul-soothing sanctuary where we can truly be ourselves and forget about the outside world and its many trials and tribulations, at least for a time. That’s the kind of bedroom we surely all dream of having.

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