Times have changed, and making earth-conscious decisions is no longer a ‘niche’ lifestyle.

Whether the steps are big or small, it can be rewarding to know that the brands you shop with are also committing to sustainable, conscious choices that stretch as far as important board room decisions. 

Here’s the brands introducing worthwhile eco-friendly initiatives…

Faith In Nature becomes first company in the world to legally appoint ‘Nature’ to its Board of Directors

In September, Faith In Nature became the world’s first company to officially appoint ‘Nature’ as a Director on the board. Now, every important business decision will see Nature get their say, thanks to a dedicated representative that will speak and vote on behalf of Nature, using the legal guardianship model. 

Simeon Rose, Faith In Nature’s Creative Director and driver of the initiative, said: “We’re delighted to be the first to do this but we don’t want to be the last. We’ve always wanted Nature to be at the heart of what we do and this felt like this is the next serious step we could take to make that a reality. This is much more than spin: by changing our governance structure we are making sure we’re legally accountable and that what’s good for Nature informs our strategy.”

No stranger to making sustainable decisions, Faith In Nature’s introduction of 5L and 20L refillable sized products have saved 92,790kg of plastic from going to landfill over the last five years. That’s the equivalent weight of 618,600 avocados! 

Dr. Organic gets COSMOS seal of approval and becomes the UK’s largest certified organic skincare brand

Following the brand’s mantra, ‘for people and planet’ Dr. Organic has recently become COSMOS-certified, making them the UK’s largest certified organic skincare brand but the benefits stretch far beyond just the ingredients they use.

The leading authority gives a stamp of approval that not only 95% of ingredients are sustainably sourced and organic, but certified brands must also meet strict criteria including manufacturing processes and protection of wildlife and biodiversity. 

Dr. Organic are also rolling out ocean-bound plastic packaging across their 200 product strong range – preventing over 41 tonnes of plastic entering the world’s oceans every year. The brand are also working with Lignaverda and Ecologi offsetting their carbon every month, so far they have planted over 25,000 trees which has avoided 450 certified tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere, and in turn saved over 1013m of sea ice melting.

Victoria Harrison, Brand Director at Dr. Organic, says: “We want to be as honest and transparent with the consumer as we can be, and what better way is there than certifying to the highest organic standard. We’ve also worked incredibly hard on our new ocean-bound plastic packaging that’s prevented over 41 tonnes of plastic entering the world’s oceans every year and would like to ensure that all of our packaging utilises existing recycled materials rather than new.”

Top picks by the brands:

NEW! Faith In Nature Grapefruit & Orange Shampoo 1-litre (£13 each, www.faithinnature.co.uk

If you’re looking to make small steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle, Faith In Nature’s new one litre haircare launch helps you do just that – while not only saving money (versus two 400ml bottles), but lasting longer – meaning less trips to the shop or refill station. Each 100% recyclable bottle is available in three much-loved ranges; invigorating Grapefruit & Orange, nourishing Shea & Argan and soothing Lavender & Geranium.

NEW! Dr. Organic Aloe Vera Body Wash 5L Refill (WAS £60, NOW £48, www.drorganic.co.uk)  

Dr. Organic’s new 5L refillable sizes are designed to offer a more cost effective, sustainable solution for their most favoured products including this ultra-soothing, fresh Aloe Vera body wash. Each 5L size is the equivalent to 20 standard sized bottles meaning you can save on average over £75, while minimising plastic waste too. Made from COSMOS certified organic, natural ingredients and 100% recyclable.

Faith In Nature Shea & Argan Conditioner Bar (£7.00, www.faithinnature.co.uk

Ideal for curly and afro hair, this plastic-free conditioner bar harnesses the natural benefits of shea butter and argan oil for hair to lock in moisture, leaving hair defined and smooth without weighing it down.

Dr. Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Day Cream (WAS £10.99, NOW £8.79, www.drorganic.co.uk

Known for its ability to moisturise and condition skin, Moroccan Argan Oil is a rich source of vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids to nourish skin. Now available in eco-friendly packaging, with a fully recyclable glass jar and PP plastic lid. 

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