Some trends come and go, but for centuries, one element has remained a constant favorite: bespoke wood flooring.  From the warmth it brings to a rustic cabin to the sleek sophistication it lends to a modern space; wood flooring continues to reign supreme in the world of interior design.  In 2024, bespoke wood flooring – crafted to your exact specifications – is experiencing a surge in popularity.  This guide will delve into the world of wood finishes and patterns, helping you unlock the perfect choice to elevate your home’s unique style. 

The Impacts Of Wooden Flooring On Our Mental Health  

Did you know that the type of flooring in your home can have a psychological impact on your mood and overall well-being? The type of flooring you prefer is also linked to your mental health. Surprising, isn’t it? Well, research has shown that wood flooring can create a sense of warmth, comfort, and relaxation in your living space. It also soothes your nervous system. The natural textures and colours of wood can help to reduce stress and anxiety, this is the reason why many people have wooden flooring as their go-to.  

How To Choose the Right Wood 

The first step in creating your bespoke wood flooring is selecting the type of wood that you think is best for your needs and requirements Some of the options are:  


People have loved oak wood in the past, it comes in 200 species and looks quite appealing when used for furniture. Oak is dense heavy and hardwearing. It comes in a range of colours starting from light to dark. You can choose from many different options. 


Walnut is more of a luxurious option because it’s not that easy to find. In the furniture, industry walnut is used in high-end furniture. Walnut is easy to handle, and crafting can be fun with it. 


Maple wood has a strong base, and it looks nice. Woodworkers love maple wood because of its smooth grain pattern and creamy light colour. The most common type of maple is hard maple among the American Species.  


Cherry wood has a medium density, and it can blend well, it has a moderate resistance capacity. Cherry wood flooring also comes in warm, reddish tones and elegant grain patterns. It also adds a touch of warmth and richness to your home.  


Ashwood is a difficult-to-find material but if you live in areas where ashwood is found easily then it will become easier. It comes in a light colour and subtle grain patterns. It is a great choice for creating a modern yet minimalist look. 

How To Select the Perfect Finish 

Once you have chosen the type of wood for your bespoke flooring, the next step is selecting the perfect finish. The finish not only enhances the natural beauty of the wood but also protects it from daily wear and tear. Some common finishes include: 


A matte-finished wood gives a natural look and it’s easier to pull off. It has a lustre level of 15% to 25%  but can hide scratches, dirt, and scuff more easily. Moreover, matte finishes are easy to maintain and can be best paired with houses that have children. If you want to add some sophistication to your living room, then opt for matte finishes. 


A satin finish offers a slightly higher sheen than matte, and they look more luxurious as compared to matte finishes. So if you are looking for a classic and formal feel for your home then you should satin. And guess what, it’s low maintenance as well.  


A distressed finish gives your wood flooring a rustic and worn-out look. One thing to remember is that these floors will not camouflage any cracks or blemishes. If you want an antique look then it’s ideal for you. 


Hardwood floors when they go through a final phase of finishing, are known as wire-brushed finishes. This type of flooring has a natural and traditional look without any wood grains. If you are looking for an impressive texture, choose wire brushed flooring.  

How To Choose the Perfect Pattern 

Finally, consider the pattern of your bespoke wood flooring to add a touch of personality and style to your space. Some popular patterns include: 


It is a geometric pattern flooring, and this is the reason that makes it so unique. It is also known as the Hungarian point style. Choose Chevron if you want to add some luxury and energy to the space.  


Herringbone is a popular pattern that adds a dynamic and eye-catching design element to your flooring. The best part about herringbone is that it can make smaller places look larger. It’s also a visually great sign. 


Parquet is a combination of square panels and interlaced diagonals; it is considered a better alternative to marble floors. The parquet is hand-assembled and doesn’t use any glue. It is one of the most classic patterns across the globe.  


Checkerboard is a classic pattern not typically used for an entire floor, but rather for a specific design element within the floor pattern. It’s created by alternating squares of contrasting colours, most commonly dark and light wood stains. This pattern can add a touch of whimsy and visual interest to a room, and it can also help to create the illusion of a larger space.  

Wrapping Up  

Congratulations! You’ve explored the wonderful world of bespoke wood flooring, from the rich diversity of wood species to the artistic flair of finishes and patterns. Now you hold the key to unlocking a floor that transcends mere function and becomes a captivating centrepiece of your space. 

Remember, the perfect wood floor reflects your unique style and complements your existing décor. Don’t be afraid to experiment with stain colours, embrace the timeless elegance of classic patterns, or even explore the realm of more modern geometric designs. 

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